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Welcome to Junior Chamber Copenhagen International (JCICI)
The leading global network of young active citizens.

JCICI is a chapter in Copenhagen and part of JCI Denmark.
It was founded in November 2003 at the JCI World Congress in Copenhagen.
JCICI is a nonprofit and politicaly neutral organization, providing development opportunities for professionals and entrepreneurs in their 20s and 30s.  

JCICI is the only English-speaking chapter of JCI in the Capital Region. Our members are mostly expats and internationally-minded Danes between 18 and 40 years old, active in a wide range of industries and committed to crating impact in their communities

Through the years, we have developed and cultivated our unique international and welcoming atmosphere.  Join us in order to practice leadership roles, participate in projects and network:
– locally at workshops
– regionally in trainings
– internationally at conferences.

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What we do

Active Citizen Framework™
Today’s global challenges require innovative and creative solutions. JCI empowers young people to become active citizens, take responsibility for global challenges in their community and identify targeted, sustainable solutions. Motivated by the passion to transform their community and the world, JCI members have the courage to address the most critical challenges of our time.
Designed to address all types of community challenges, the Active Citizen FrameworkTM outlines a methodology for conducting grassroots projects, building sustainable solutions that address a community’s most urgent need. Together, these grassroots projects from around the world create global change.

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We aim to promote personal and professional growth via relevant experience. This includes trainings with leading experts, networking opportunities and hands-on learning providing tangible skills.

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We seek to create and sustain a positive impact within the local community by responding to real-time needs.


Our mission is to actively promote the Copenhagen start-up ecosystem for young entrepreneurs by offering events, trainings and partnerships with key players.


We offers many opportunities throughout the year to attend international events, conferences, partnership summits and connect with other like minded young-leaders around the world.

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May 2021

Deloitte Economics-The Economy in 2021 post-COVID-19, May 14th

June 2021

JCI European Conference in Copenhagen, June 11th-12th

JCICI Young Entrepreneur of the Year (YEY) 2021 competition, June 2021

August 2021

SDG’s ART Exhibition,August 7-8th 

Visit to South Africa Embassy
Golden Microphone Competition, August 11th 

September 2021

Talk by Minister of Integration, September 8th

JCICI Events

Latest News

Meeting with the participants of the JCICI Young Entrepreneur of the Year(YEY), May 2020

In May 13th 2020 we host for the first time the JCICI Young Entrepreneur of the Year (YEY) 2020 competition. It is a new concept, similar to the Danish Årets UngesErvhersleder (ÅUE) from which we are trying to find a #JCICI candidate for the #JCIDenmark TOYP 2020-

The winner of the TOYP 2020 will represent #JCIDenmark at the European TOYP Award and if lucky, at the JCI TOYP World Award both events held in 2021.

The topic of this year was:
#entrepreneurship: climbing the pick or a rollercoaster?
The start-ups present were:

Let leg – with their founder, Micki Kold Nagel
BlueLobster – with the co-founder Nima Tisdall
TrainAway – with the co-founder Mikael Vincents Nielsen
Copenhagen Trackers – with the founder Christian Olesen

Thanks to Binne Huitema, Ahn Lykke Pedersen, and Thomas Nissen for standing up as judges and helping find a winner.

During the meeting, Louise E. Baunsgaard, founder and former owner of Let’z Sushi stressed out her points in the path to becoming an entrepreneur.

Also, Claus Birkedal, a business developer from the #CopenhagenBusinessHub presented the organization and its purpose: to help simple ideas, to become #businessideas and later on #startup companies.

Both Louise and Claus can be reached out at the Copenhagen Business Hub and can advise you for free how to build your start-up!

 JCICI Summer Party June 2020

On Saturday 13th of June, JCI Copenhagen International welcomed the summer with a unique Summer Party

Our Local President Jean Luc organized a special program for that day. We started by visiting the Mosede Fort Museum to learn about Danish history during the First World War!

After the museum, Eva Marianne Rosenbæk-Svane and her lovely family hosted us in their beautiful house and cooked us a tasty lunch.

It was the first time that JCICI members gathered after the lockdown and therefore we had to catch up with some certificates and awards

The Local President awarded Anh Lykke Pedersen with the “Member of the Month- March 2020” award for her contributions in the chapter. Then, he officially welcomed Vasiliki Stavroglou and certificated her as a “Member” in the world’s leading network of active citizens- JCI!

And as JCI is about developing skills and competencies…We had our session with games.  This time we tested our knowledge about the Municipality of Solrød and our knowledge about Russian traditions and language🇷🇺 Well we had a winner Susanne Rasmussen!!!!

It was a lovely day among friends: following the Danish authorities’ restrictions and recommendation due to COVID19, only JCICI members were invited to the JCICI 2020 Summer Party.

Visit to the Embassy of Romania in Copenhagen, August 2020

In August 19th, JCICI visited the residency of the Ambassador of Romania in the Kingdom of Denmark and Iceland Alexandru Gradinar.
The Ambassador talked about the investment opportunities and the tourism culture that Romania offers. Moreover, His Excellency talked about the relations between Romania and Denmark and the existence of the trade, limited through, between the two countries. JCICI would like to thank His Excellency Alexandru Gradinar for his hospitality and the great evening!
During the event, members and guests, participated in the annual Golden Microphone competition!
The judges had praise for all participants and their fine speaking skills, however, Mia Negru won with her speech on networking and qualified for the regional finals!
We hope to see Mia qualify for the national finals.

Visit to the Embassy of Japan in Copenhagen, September 2020

On September 16th, JCICI visited the Embassy of Japan in Copenhagen. The evening started with a short intro of JCI in the world and in Denmark, by the National President of JCI Denmark, Susanne Nielsen, who honored the ambassador with a JCI Danmark pin and a 2020 JCI World Congress pin. 

The ambassador followed with a presentation of Japan, going through the economic, socio-politics and cultural relations between Japan and Denmark. On the last one, we were told about the renovation at the H.C. Andersen Museum in Odense with the participation of the Japanese architect Kengo Kuma.

During the meeting, it was introduced the World Food Campaign, called the Onigiri Action. The campaign runs from October 1st to October 31st.

For dinner, we had a typical Japanese box at the embassy and extended the evening at the Tokyo Restaurant on Vesterbrogade. 

Online Training on “Psychological First Aid” for COVID-19 outbreak by Red Cross and Ea Suzanne Akasha, October 2020

On Thursday, the 8th of October Ea Suzanne Akasha, a Technical Advisor at Psychosocial Support Center of Red Cross in Copenhagen conducted a training workshop on “Psychological First Aid” for COVID-19 outbreak response. The PFA, it is a package of tools and methods to help people respond with resilience during and after situations of extreme stress.

The participants learnt how to help themselves or others who suffer during or after crises, like the current COVID-19 pandemic. 

It was a very relaxed workshop, where one could feel the expertise of Ea, in bringing fun, good advice and interesting discussions on the topic.

The Danish Scout Association – by the former Chairman of the DDS, October 2020

During October 2020  we had an online meeting with Det Danske Spejderkorps (DDS) or the Danish Scout Association, with Annesofie Bjerre, former Chairman of the DDS. She presented the Danish Scout Association in Denmark, its members, its involvement into the SDGs, and some of their activities and projects.

In the meantime, she expressed a joined activity or project with JCICI. The DDS currently needs people in their 20’s and 30’s to help them coordinates some activities, which could be JCICI members. Those people could be an inspiration for personal development to the youths that constitute the main member group of the DDS.  So perhaps in 2021, we could have a joined activity together at the Middelgrund Fort, in Øresund.

Meeting with AIESEC in Copenhagen, November 2020

On Wednesday, the 11th of November, JCICI welcomed Yoan and Ania, both Local Committee President of the two AIESEC in Copenhagen. We had a very interesting presentation of AIESEC through its history and its values, including the different activities and projects currently run by the association in Copenhagen.

One thing that we noticed was our common values when it comes to SDGs, and we discussed a potential partnership in the execution of an art exhibition project, where we will have to represent all 17 SDGs in any kind of artwork.

We will start doing some brainstorming in January, so let’s hope it will be possible to have that joined event, and that the Corona times will be over soon.

SGDs Art Exhibition Project Launch Event, February 2021

On Wednesday 17th of February, JCI Copenhagen International and AIESEC Copenhagen launched their cooperation “SDGs Art Exhibition”.

The two organizations strive to develop leadership in young people and they ferge their force to contribute to the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals!

The idea is to raise awareness about the SDGs and promote the use of sustainable materials in the production of artwork!

On 7th and 8th of August 2021, the two organization will host a two days event where Art Workshops and an Exhibition will take place in the city of Copenhagen.

Talk by Emilia van Hauen, March 2021

On March 24th we hosted an inspiring and thought-provoking speech by Emilia van Hauen. She helped us to understand how to motivate and work with the young generation so that we can create the best working environment for employees of all ages. We thank our member Ivan Petrov for organizing this interesting chapter meeting!

 Ivan T. Petrov as the “Best Trainer of the Year”

We are happy to be among the winners at JCI Danmark’s Award Ceremony 2021 who took place on March 28th online!!!

Our member Ivan T. Petrov won the award for “Best Trainer of the Year” for his series of trainings on public speaking, and his training on “Speaking with Impact” got the award for “Best Event of the Year”.

We are very proud of you Ivan and we are pleased to have you in our chapter! We can’t wait for your next training!


Projects provide solutions and raise awareness of challenges faced by Copenhagen people in all areas of life. By partnering with local academic bodies, businesses, charities and NGOs – we motivate young people to get involved and make a difference for all in Copenhagen.


The Golden Microphone is one of JCI’s proud traditions

JCI Copenhagen Internation is the winner of the competition for 2018 and is the organizing chapter in 2019.


The next World Cleanup Day will take place on 21 September 2019.

On that day volunteers and partners worldwide again will come together to rid our planet of trash – cleaning up litter and mismanaged waste from our beaches, rivers, forests, and streets.


We want to call and motivate young people all over Europe to step up for Europe and take action to shape the future of their continent.

Young leaders must act now by embracing their shared European identity, advocating for the positions of young active citizens in Europe and taking part in political decision-making processes.


In 2015, in collaboration with the United Nations office based in Liberia,
the JCI Copenhagen International managed to fundraise the amount of ~8000 dkk to the Kingsley Lington elementary school located in Louisiana township, Montserrado county, in Liberia.

The money was used to buy around 40 books covering 6 different subjects, with a hope that several students would have the necessary school furniture to receive basic education. 


The High 5 for Goal 5 project won the price for the best project 2017 on the National JCI conference .

The aim of the project was to achieve instant recognition of the 5th Sustainable Goal, “Gender Equality” . We believe that gender equality is approachable through different levels of mentality and  therefore we equally adress youngsters, adults and elderly to share their stories and life-long experiences with the gender-based inequalities.

Through the project we committed to a continuously awareness and engagemement of youngsters,adults and elderly in playing an active role on gender eguality in their local communities.

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JCI is a place for you to learn new skills and make an impact to the world starting with your local community and country. To learn how to become a member of JCI Copenhagen International or join our next meeting, please fill our the form below.