Four generations are currently active in the workforce – Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y and Gen Z. The last two have a new approach to what and when work is – and not least, what they want from it. They are driven by meaning, purpose, freedom, communities and by changing the world into a better place. They have a tolerant relation to gender, are (preferably) living as digital nomads – and most importantly they are seeking to have a life-career. And that makes it a challenge to lead, attract and retain them. By learning from the young generation now, one doesn’t just learn how to build bridges between employees of all ages, but also prepares for the future workplaces and the new form of management which will soon become the norm.

Join us on the 24th of March for an inspiring, informative and thought provoking speech by Emilia van Hauen to understand how to motivate and work with the young generation, so that you can create the best working environment for employees of all ages.



Speaker: Emilia van Hauen is a cultural sociologist, keynote speaker and board member, who is especially concerned about modern ways of life and social trends,with a particular focus on generations Y, Z and Alpha and gender thematic. 

She is a TEDx Copenhagen speaker and has given talks in a number of other big international events, blogs for Huffington Post and contributes on a regular basis in the major, tone-setting daily newspapers, magazines, TV stations and radio channels in Denmark, and has also had the opportunity to comment on Danish society in foreign media, including BBC World, the BBC, RTL, Libération, the Japanese Asahi Shimbun Global newspaper, French Elle and various Swedish and Norwegian media outlets. To learn more about Emilia van Hauen please visit: 


18:00 Welcome & Networking 

18:15 Talk by Emilia van Hauen and a Q&A Session 

19:15 Updates about upcoming JCI meetings, conferences and projects

19:55 Virtual Cheers and Networking