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February Chapter Meeting: How to do Successful marketing for your Business or your JCI Chapter!

Here is a fact: People don’t pay attention to you. It’s not because they don’t want to. It’s just because there are so many things competing for everybody’s attention all the time. •    Facebook is filled with content. And an algorithm that sorts most of it away. •    Email inboxes are filled with unread mails…
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January Chapter Meeting: JCI Copenhagen International General Assembly

A new year, a new beginning, new ideas and projects… We will at the general assembly focus on finding the good ideas for projects for the coming year. Karen Würtz is an experienced facilitator and concept developer and she will guide us through the process. Professionally she also helps companies generating and describing the great…
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Christmas Party for members and guests

A JCICI yearly tradition of wineing and dining, celebrating a year that has passed and one that will come with many development opportunities and positive achievements. Food, friends and fun! Please pay at nemtilmeld and follow the event on facebook.

PR and the Change of Game: November Chapter Meeting

Hot analysis on the news of the newly elected POTUS! What was done, what worked and what not from what we saw? Deep look at from before to the future, from facts to feelings, from election to enetrtainment. Come ask your questions and find out back stage strategies and tricks from Claus Bendsen, Partner in…
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The Future of Work

Meploy was created to help people find any type of job they want, whenever they want, and wherever they are. The vision is a world with zero youth unemployment. Our current perception of the job market is under pressure. People want more flexible work solutions. Employers need more staffing flexibility to manage peaks and lows.…
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September Chapter Meeting: Artificial Intelligence in Our Future

What impact will Artificial Intelligence have on the world? How will businesses change as the digital workforce grows? How will Internet of Things affect the way we interact with objects, buildings, plants, etc.? How will commerce in the future be conducted? These are some of the questions Accenture will answer and give their view upon.…
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JCICI WC2016 – 4th project workshop: FUNdraising

 I am very excited to share with you my knowledge and insights on fundraising. For the last three years I have been helping over 250 non-profit organisation to engage people in online fundraising and raise money for amazing social projects.    For Saturday, the 9th of July, I prepared a custom 3 hours workshop hosted by the JCICI…
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JCICI May Chapter Meeting: Theme to be announced

More information on theme and location to come. JCICI members register for free. International House guest and JCI members from other chapters pay 175 kr. Guests 220 kr. For more information on JCICI and our activities and events, please feel free to visit us at www.jcici.org or facebook.

JCICI April Chapter Meeting: Success is not an accident. Success is a choice.

Why do some people achieve massive success while others are struggling to get the next promotion? Skills such as mindset, productivity, passion and persuasion are just a few important ones. If you can master these skills and the rest required for excellent performance you will be freed from mediocrity and success will part of your…
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