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PR and the Change of Game: November Chapter Meeting

Hot analysis on the news of the newly elected POTUS! What was done, what worked and what not from what we saw? Deep look at from before to the future, from facts to feelings, from election to enetrtainment. Come ask your questions and find out back stage strategies and tricks from Claus Bendsen, Partner in…
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JCICI Canada Team escapes ruthless kidnappers!

Okay, maybe not exactly. It was, in fact, just a game. But it was really exciting, and the team showed some mad break-out skills!┬áIn JCI Copenhagen International we take pride in our achievements and work hard to make each of our projects a success. This is no different for the Canada Project. We also recognise…
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March Chapter Meeting: Future-based Idea Generating and Pitching Workshop

[fusion_text] People come to JCI events knowing that each one is on a path of learning. So we take it upon ourselves to allow members a voice and an active role. Because teamwork requires a level of comfort and safety in knowing that your ideas matter, we also provide positive feedback in our group interactions.The…
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