About the JCI World Congress 2016

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About the JCI World Congress 2016

Every year, JCI members meet from all over the world meet to network and exchange ideas on how to make sustainable change in the their local communities and, in the proces, develop the organisation as an influencial partner to companies and organisations around the world. At these conferences, JCI gives its members the opportunity to address international issues and show their commitment to becoming socially responsible leaders. These global forums enable members to focus on solutions for their region and how they can grow, improve, share and create positive change across communities.

The conference has several sources for inspiration and personal development, such as influential business lectures from top shelf inspiring people from some of the worlds most succesful organizations. Official JCI courses and hands-on workshops on business strategy or personal skill development, invited trainer courses and guest speakers.

The 2016 JCI World Congress takes place in Québec City, Québec in Canada from October 30 to November 4, 2016 at the Quebéc City Convention Centre. Estimated 4,000 of the organisation’s 175,000 members from 125 countries will meet at the congress. We expect the Danish delegation to be about 50 people, representing several local chapters in Denmark.

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