JCI World Congress 2016

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[fusion_text]The JCI World Congress is an annual event that takes place every year at the end of October or early November. The national member organisations take turns hosting the event where leaders and entrepreneurs from all over the world meet to network, get new inspiration and discuss sustainable solutions to both local and global challenges.

The main purpose of this JCICI project was to send a delegation to the congress to promote Danish business, green innovations and environment, heritage, culture and services and to learn from the  keynote speakers and workshops and connect with the other participants at the conference on projects and ideas. The expected number of participants at the JCI World Congress 2016 is more than 4,000 people from 125 different countries. JCI Copenhagen International is committed to participate in the conference as ambassadors for Danish values and goods at the Global Village event during the congress, sharing with our global network the ideas and products that we pride ourselves of in Denmark.

Mia pro picturePlease feel free to browse information on the project from the menu to the right or contact us directly by email or by following our Facebook page.

Mihaela Negru, Local President 2016, JCI Copenhagen International[/fusion_text]

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