High Five for Goal 5

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JCI 545: High 5 for SDG 5

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We aim at achieving instant recognition of the 5th Sustainable Development Goal of the UN. We are committed to continuously raise awareness and engage youngsters, adults and elderly in playing an active role on the topic in their nearest communities. 

In a country like Denmark with more than 100 years of gender-equality history we need to high5 its citizens for:

  • a comprehensive model  based on gender equality norms
  • a paternity-leave tendency
  • educational attainment

But we also know that for 2030, the UN Sustainable Development Goals have set some targets which ought to address the missing points of these achievements:

  • economic participation and opportunity:  Denmark’s rank dropped from 19 to 34
  •  political empowerment: Denmark’s rank dropped from 13 to 29 *

Last year’s feedback and on-going input from our partners, from expert associations in gender-equality to our own experiences determine us to carry on in raising awareness as a first step to induce change and influence education on the topic. It is also our aim to seize momentum and convert steadily passive groups to active citizens, as we ourselves are . 


We believe that gender equality is approachable through different levels of mentality and therefore, we equally address youngsters, adults and elderly people that want to share their stories, their first contact with gender roles or their own experiences with gender-based inequalities.  

As older people believe more than youngsters that “more has to be done for men and women to be equal”, we pay attention to their stories and share it with youngsters to facilitate consciousness and understanding of the life-long effects of persisting inequalities.

We also address the most visible gaps in various professional sectors i.e. 
overrepresentation of women in part-time employment and a significant gender pay gap in order to stress the need to improve growth through gender equality.

Source: World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report 2016


 In 2016 we have raised awareness and reached more than 10 000 people through:
  • social media campaign

Videos with influencers, dedicated to their mother, girlfriend, wife, daughter, sister, best female friend, or female employee, or any other important woman in their life.
The videos have been shared on social media together with the #JCI545 and with the call to action for people to understand the challenges of inequality and the advantages of a more equal world, commit to the cause, and endorse women more.

  • panel discussion

A public panel discussion at  Ungdommens Folkemøde 2016  entitled ” Gender equality ought to be the norm – but it is not. Let’s discuss how to change that”.

Rufus Gifford – US Ambassador to Denmark
Sandie Westh – Radio Host on DR P7
Natascha Joof – National Deputy JCI Denmark

  • on-site event at metro stations in Copenhagen to Hi5 with commuters

JCI members and volunteers from partner organizations have encouraged on the 24th of September 2016 public transport passengers to High 5 for SDG5! The commuters received a small flyer with more information about the gender equality challenges.

In 2017 we continued by dedicating a month to our 3 target groups:
  • youngsters – September

Storytelling event at the Østerbro library – gender-neutral books reading and arts&crafts session

  • adults – October

Panel debate with representatives of various sectors on ways to “Improve growth through gender equality. Across sectors solutions”

  • elderly – November

Videos with stories on their experiences and opinions

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