JCI Know-How Transfer at the Danish Parliament

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JCI Danish Know-How Transfer

[/title][fusion_text]The first Danish Know-How Transfer Program – 24.10.2017

The Know-How-Transfer (KHT) is a JCI program that was first initiated by JCI Germany where it is conducted on local and national level for over twenty years now. After witnessing the great success of the JCI Germany project, JCI Europe endorsed the Project on European level. On 24th of October 2017, JCI will bring the KHT into the Danish Parliament.

Have you ever wondered what is going on in Danish politics? 

The program allows JCI members to observe the decision-making process by shadowing a Member of the National Parliament. The KHT project allows JCI members to get a better understanding of the Danish political system and put members of the parliament in touch with young active citizens. Participants of KTH have the unique opportunity to communicate directly with politicians while observing their day-to-day work.[/fusion_text]