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JCI Business Insights


With this project, we are intending to make offers to companies who wants to put personal and professional development of their employees as a top priority on their agenda.

We are intending to make special packages for company allowing them to have some of their employees as members of JCICI as a supplement of their employment package.

Moreover, we want to involve some companies in our activities, if the activity is related to their area of interest, with the intention of promote the company on one side, and promoting JCICI on the other side.

Main goals:
1. Getting JCICI close to companies in Copenhagen-Denmark

2. Getting new members that are also working in those companies

3. Developing JCICI members skills as young professionals through partnership with those companies

4. Building a working relationship between JCICI and companies in Copenhagen-Denmark

Coming up Activities:
International day event, Training opportunities workshops, seminars and more company visits.