Self-leadership – How to be your own best leader


17.45 – Welcome and registration
18.00 – Workshop
18.45 – Dinner
19.15 – Coffee Break and Networking
19.30 – General Assembly
21.00 – Closing


A new year, a new beginning, new strategy and partnerships…

As with every year, our first meeting of the year will include a leadership workshop.

Part 1: Self-leadership – How to be your own best leader

We are all leaders – leaders of our own life. Whatever life, throws at us, how do we take responsibility for ourselves and the world; who do we choose to be and how do we create what we know to be best for us?

In this interactive workshop, you will go through practical exercises to meet your inner leader and create a strong connection with that part of you. Become clear on what is the most important thing you need to know before deciding – becoming curious of what need to be in place for you to make the right decision and how to create the life you want. And have an awesome 2018 and years to come!

Migena is an entrepreneur and owner of Migena Gjerazi Coaching & Leadership. She is a certified Life-Leadership Coach (CPCC), MBA and her specialty is self-leadership and self-love. She delivers one-on-one coaching and facilitates workshops and seminars on self-development and public speaking.

Part 2: Chapter time – General Assembly

During the chapter meeting, at the general assembly, we will focus on setting a strategy for the year ahead. Members will get to use your JCI Constitutional Right to vote on the future action plan, budget of JCI Copenhagen International. For those who cannot be present, please give your vote to one of the attending JCICI members.

The Action Plan 2018 & Budget 2018 from the new Board will be presented and sent out to members before the General Assembly meeting.


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