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Membership Committee (MEC)


This is the area which is closest to the Human Resources department in any business.

The responsibilities are

  • taking care of the existing members

  • recruiting and onboarding of new members

  • entertaining and following up guests in our meetings

  • informing people about future events (with MIC)

  • updating guest list (together with MIC)

  • helping MEC with creating partnerships in order to recruit more members

Taking care of existing members can be done by asking their feedback and trying to communicate their needs to the board.  Recruiting members is always up on the MEC team of how the strategy could be, but usually JCICI goes to different events of expats in order to create awareness of JCICI benefits.  Another way is to market events on social media as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Therefore, it is crucial to update the guest list. Whenever guests attend our meetings, it is up to MEC team to be there to greet them and make them feel welcome.  Afterwards, it is MECs responsibility to follow up on the guests and guide them through the process of becoming JCI member.

Why to join MEC? It is a good way to improve your communication and networking skills as you have to take care and talk to members and guests. You can find out ways of how to attract even more guests and turn them into valuable members. If you are looking for adrenaline and competition with other chapters in how many members you can recruit, then this committee is just for you. In addition, you will create bonds with the people you meet which will last a lifetime.


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