Marketing, Information, Communication (MIC)

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Marketing, Information and Communication (MIC)


In short, MECs main task is to market JCI outside JCI and at the same time inform members internally about current matters and past events within JCI.

The responsibilities are

  • creating and distributing flyers of JCICI

  • attending events outside JCI in order to market JCI (together with MEC)

  • creating a monthly newsletter, informing people about past events

  • informing people about future events (together with MEC)

  • maintaining and updating JCICIs website

  • updating guest list (together with MEC)

  • creating partnerships for recruitment, sponsorship purposes

Distributing flyers and sharing information about JCICI can be done in attending events, fairs and conferences. In addition, MICs one of the main tasks is to inform members and possible future members about past events and current matters. The easiest way to do it is to create monthly newsletters either online or on paper. In order to inform people about future and past events it is MECs responsibility to market events on social media as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. It is also crucial to maintain the guest list. For external and also internal marketing purposes it is important to update JCICIs website. It should also be MECs responsibility to constantly look out for possible partners and market JCICI to them in order to get sponsors or members.

Why to join MIC? It is a good way to improve your marketing, networking and communication skills as you have to constantly look out for ways how to make JCICI visible outside JCI. You will also learn about online marketing tools and website. You will get a pretty good idea of how an organisation has to market itself which you can use in future business.


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