JCI Local President: Leader-in-Training

JCI Local President: Leader-in-Training

Good leadership is important for the success of any organization.
Good leadership doesn’t happen overnight.

In JCI, we practice leadership by assuming organizational roles — in rotation. This means that, every year in January, we have a new Local President (LP), who supervises the affairs of the local organization called “chapter” or “chamber.” In Denmark, we call our chapters “afdeling.”

A Chapter’s primary goal is to fulfill the JCI Mission:

“To provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change.”

In JCI, development opportunities are to-be-found in official courses (JCI Achieve and JCI Admin) and special knowledge training (JCI Presenter, JCI CSR and JCI Networking, Board membership), and other workshops. The soft skills you gain, e.g. public speaking, negotiation, project management provide you with lifelong support for personal growth and professional progress.

“As Local President, you add management skills to the mix: problem-solving, decisionmaking, delegation, communication, planning, meeting management, self-management.”

The Local President works with a new Board to motivate the general membership to perform their duties and responsibilities. She/He receives leadership training to support her/his work in establishing a good working atmosphere for everyone and in maintaining an effective annual program for the chapter. A more detailed account of the LPs roles and responsibilities can be found in English here. (Also refer to our National Organization in Denmark for documents and guidelines in Danish)

We would like to introduce you to our immediate Past Local President Liis Kivila (LP, 2017), who took generous time talking to us about her experience in the LP role (below)


When were you LP?
I was elected Local President on 14 September 2016. I knew it would be an exciting and challenging role, because of my work and the balance. That’s why we decided to start a transition process. On 17 November 2016, I organized a “Board Transition meeting” to get to know the new Board; working styles and talk about expectations… But, I started first as LP on 11 January 2017. I had to organize that meeting and chose workshop/speaker and present a budget for 2017.
How long have you been in JCI?
At this time, it has been 5 years. Since November 2012.
What other roles have you had in JCI before becoming an LP in 2017?
I started as Head of MIC (Marketing),  this was a Board position. I have been on the Board for 2 years as well: as Treasurer and Head of HR.
What does it mean to be an LP in JCI?
It means that you have the responsibility for the whole chapter, for about 15 people ? You are the one in charge making sure that the Board is functioning. Meaning projects are running, people are recruited and members are happy. Marketing is done for the events and information is delivered to people in the chapter. You are also in charge of making sure that events are scheduled, and organized well so that guests are happy.
What, if any, new tasks did you take on as LP – that you thought makes more sense?
I took also the responsibility to update [our event registration platform] nemtilmeld.dk with relevant events, as it was the most time-efficient. Also I sent out invitations and follow up emails to guests and members for most of the events. Follow-up is very important. You have to engage both your team and potential participants, guests.
How did JCI as a whole help you in this position?
My Board and rest of the members helped me a lot within this position. I got help with finding speakers, finding locations for events, running small errands (buying gifts, food, arranging nametags), running projects etc.
What was most challenging? How did you handle it? 
The most challenging was to find a fine line with the quality of work and making members happy at the same time. Meaning, sometimes I took too much responsibility and used a lot of my own time in delivering results instead of having other people help. The more towards the end of the year, the more I was familiar with the process and could hand over more tasks to other members.

Tak for sidst Liis Kivila! 


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