JCICI Canada Team escapes ruthless kidnappers!

JCICI Canada Team escapes ruthless kidnappers!

Escape Game Writing on wallOkay, maybe not exactly. It was, in fact, just a game. But it was really exciting, and the team showed some mad break-out skills! In JCI Copenhagen International we take pride in our achievements and work hard to make each of our projects a success. This is no different for the Canada Project. We also recognise the value of having fun along the way, getting to know each other better in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. On Saturday May 21, however, we decided to do a team building outside of our comfort zone.

Challenging claustrophobia, we were chained together and were given the task to escape a room however we might see fit. The scenario was straight out of the movie “Taken” with “blood” on the walls, cryptic messages and locks and dodgy furniture and items EVERYWHERE!

Escape Game teamI will not tell you too much, because it will give the game away, but the ladies showed skills that no amount of JCI training could ever give them (I am sorry, JCI HQ, but we are just not there yet as an organisation). I am happy to report that we all made it out alive within the assigned time frame.

I admit that I was proud – I think we all were – to be a part of such a clever group of women. We cannot wait for our next challenge on our journey to the World Congres in Canada in the fall.


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  1. Deepika Katariya says:

    Yes Dear Eva, that was a challenging, brain storming and exciting activity… Indeed…
    It was very first time I have been to such place and rescued successfully in a “Taken” style…. super duper ladies…. you actually reflects woman power…

    One of the best experience in Denmark until now.

    Hope you catch you all with next upcoming task… may be Mr. Grey style….. next time….

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