March Chapter Meeting: Future-based Idea Generating and Pitching Workshop

March Chapter Meeting: Future-based Idea Generating and Pitching Workshop

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People come to JCI events knowing that each one is on a path of learning. So we take it upon ourselves to allow members a voice and an active role. Because teamwork requires a level of comfort and safety in knowing that your ideas matter, we also provide positive feedback in our group interactions.The only way to consistently feed this team spirit is to regularly organize creative events such as the Future-Based Idea Generation & Pitching Workshop at our recent Copenhagen Chapter Meeting on 9th of March 2016.

2016-03-09 19.20.37Invited Guest Speaker Mette Sillesen’s workshop focused on mapping and evaluating trends for idea generation and conceptualization – with a future focus. Our chapter decided to incorporate the recently updated United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) into our exercise.

How does one use future trends and concepts for pitching ideas? As a first rule, keep it simple.

Our group’s choice was the SDG#4: Access to Quality Education.
We identified women entrepreneurs in developing countries as our target group. We proposed to develop a product (an app) that functions as both a learning tool and a platform for networking.

The future is already underway. MOOCs provide a decentralized and international platform for continued learning. We anticipated that by 2025, education will no longer be a stepping stone into the workforce, but a service to continually support the workforce. That’s why:

2016-03-09 19.48.51– We proposed an app which provides free and flexible learning opportunities to empower women. This makes our app practical and desirable for women in small business where mobile phones have already been used for banking for over a decade.

As each group in the workshop delivered a pitch to the larger audience, we met several JCI skill-building goals for personal/professional development: discussion, collaboration, public speaking, and productive fun. As the newest Chapter member, I walked away from the event with great motivation. I look forward to the next one.[/fusion_text]


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