Effective Communication

Effective Communication


All the chapters in Copenhagen have joined forces and will organize the official and recommended JCI Courses throughout 2015. Now the time has come for the recommended course Effective Communications. The course will be trained by Stephan Bouman from JCI Copenhagen International. Stephan is an international trainer and the course will be given in English, in order to make it available for all JCI members, Danish as well as international.
The purpose of the Effective Communication course is to provide the members with the tools and skills to effectively communicate the plans, mission and vision of their chapter and JCI. The course is aimed both at internal and external communication. Through discussions and analogies the course aims to help members understand how to effectively deliver a message. After the course, the participants will be to increase the awareness of JCI through local communication campaigns, thus furthering the JCI Mission, to develop members into active citizens with the ability to create positive change in their communities.

The course is a three-hour course and it is very highly recommended for all members to participate, in order to learn the skills needed to effectively communicate the message of JCI. The course will be held on September 1st at Lutherkirken, Randersgade 3, 2100 København Ø at 18:00. The price for participation will be 75,- to cover sandwich and refreshments. Registration through

Nemtilmeld: https://jciwonderful.nemtilmeld.dk/38/

Also remember to register at www.jci.cc/training/en/upcomingcourses in order to be able to take the knowledge test. The knowledge test is mandatory in order to graduate the course. Graduation from the course enables you to train this and other courses yourself, and is also a prerequisite in order to attend the Trainer course held in October. If you do not know how to register we will glady assist you.

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