Meet Miss January!

Meet Miss January!

Meet miss January or member of the month of January Simona, she has only been a member since November and she has already managed to become member of the month of January, I’m sure we are going to see amazing things from her.

When she is not spreading joy in JCI CI she is saving the planet from global warming, or at least that is what I like to believe, what she really do it working as Seconded National Expert for Eionet Support as a project manager at the The European Environment Agency, as I said she is saving the plant.

We already now the basics, so here is a lot of fun facts about Simona:

What is your nickname?  I like my first name SIMONA. I think it is very simple and easy to pronounce. Therefore people usually tend to give me nickname created from my long surname Losmanová, e.g. Losík, Losmanka, Losos (salmon).

If you could those, which concert would you be going to? I would love see and hear in live Bruce Springsteen or Tina Turner.

What is your favorite food? Hmmmm,.. I do not have such clear preference. I like Czech, Slovak and Italian cuisine. I fell in love with Indian food, especially paratha and garlic naan :o) What does not work for me very well is a dish made of hot green vegetable :o)

What is your favorite TV show? Here in Denmark: “Say yes to your dress” :o), How I met your mother of One and half man.

How would you describe your dream guy? Such an easy question :o) Definitely tall, dark hair, clever, trustworthy, sporting and with gentleman manners :o)))

If you were an animal which one would you be? Cute black and white Panda!

Name 3. things you would bring to a desert island? Human being as a company, fresh water and sun glasses.

What is the most embarrassing thing you have ever done? Causing false fire alarm in New York when leaving restaurant full of people by using Exit door :o(

Where do you see your self in 10 years? Looking at our LP answer it seems that we must be twins! I would like to see myself as mother of two or three kids with loving husband living all together in light and modern spacious flat. On top of it I would be grateful for having a creative job and inspiring colleagues.

What is your biggest dream? To travel all over the world with partner I can count on in every possible situation.

What is your favorite quote? Keep smiling.

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