Chapter Two

Chapter Two

Dear JCICI Members,

I’ve heard that the first year of marriage is the most difficult… and maybe it is the same with the first month as a new Local President (LP) 🙂

This was what I experienced. January was the month, where we came together, formed the teams and made reachable goals for this year. Everything was new and there were some challenges, but in February, I could definitely feel a better flow, and I had the time and resource to reach out to most members to hear what they expect for this year and how we can improve each chapter meetings. So for that, I want to thank all the members that provided me with the feedback and great inputs. Your feedback is highly appreciated and will help me to improve my leadership and commitment as your proud LP.

I also want to say thank you to the ones that sent me their constructive feedback for our Strategy Day. This was greatly appreciated.

For February, I would like to highlight our chapter’s Top 6 Accomplishments:

  • Our awesome Mustafa Aslan delivered a very successful JCI Dance Academy. And remember that dance is like wine, it matures with every performance (so remember to sign up for Mustafa’s next JCI Dance Academy this Friday and I can maybe show you my new Usher-moves).
  • The dedicated member, Claudia was awarded Member of the Month for her wonderful work on the ECM-team, the JCICI newsletter and for creating a successful chapter meeting in February together with Mustafa.
  • We were pleased to welcome two fantastic additions to our chapter, the handsome Mr Ivan Skarumand the charming Miss Nora Polgar. Our JCICI-family is growing and is now a chapter of 21 wonderful members.
  • Each year our Capital Region present the Member of the Year to a member who has given outstanding service to our JCI organization on the regional front, and this year it was awarded to our own Mr. Jeppe Frederiksen. As a LP, I’m very proud of Jeppe’s achievement and I appreciate his dedication, hard work and commitment for our organization. You go, Jeppe! You have a promising future in JCI.
  •  The ECM-team is going strong. At this moment we have 70 registered participants (out of 100), and only 8 weeks before we are going to deliver the best European Capital Meeting conference in the JCI history. Here is a well deserved high five to the team leader Stephan Bouman (and thank you Stephan for being a role model and inspiration for our ECM-members in their dedication to excellence) and the awesome team members, Sven, Jeppe, Eva, Mia, Mustafa, Maria, Liis, Adela, Binne, Claudia, Nora, Camilla and Andrew. High five to you all 🙂
  • The JCI capital regional meeting was a huge success. JCI Copenhagen hosted this year’s first meeting and they had Lars-Christian-Brask as the keynote speaker. We had 11 of our members and guests that participated and in total 80 JCI members and guests participated. JCI Copenhagen did a fantastic job, and what a well-deserved success. (Remember our chapter will host the Regional Capital Meeting in November.)

Thank you all for making so many memorable moments for February.

As I mentioned last time, our chapter is really coming together and now we are keeping together in progress and starting working together for a very successful year.

Thank you to everyone for making this month one of the best ones! 🙂

With JCI Love,

Your very proud LP 2015 – Dhushyanthini Gunaratnam



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