We had really nice trip to Strasbourg on the weekend from 24th to 28th of September. The chapters which took part of the multi-twinning event were: JCI Strasbourg, JCI Brussels, JCI Constanta from Romania and of course JCI Copenhagen International.

The whole weekend was planned with quite busy schedule and well organised by a French team. On Friday we visited for example Council of Europe and had a picnic where each of us brought food from their respective countries. We were really lucky with the weather and Danish bread with herring and Aqvavit was well welcomed. Thereafter, we were split into two groups, one of the groups visited a company named Schaeffler (car parts) and the other one visited Duravit (bathrooms). Evening ended with a vine tasting event and dinner.

On Saturday we started with a little visit of Strasbourg in different teams. In that event we found out amongst other things that the cathedral in Strasbourg is 142 m high and was once the highest building in the world. This event was followed by reception at the town hall and couple of workshops. Workshops were really interesting and first of them concentrated on cultural differences, which all of us noticed on the trip. In the other workshop each chapter presented their main focus and wrote down questions about twinning. It turned out that JCI Copenhagen International and JCI Constanta were more internally focused, helping to develop their members, while JCI Strasbourg and Brussels were more externally focused, having projects on unemployment and harrassment.

In the evening we signed the multi-twinning contract with all of us. Dinner was held in a really old restaurant nearby the cathedral and the evening finished with a party on a boat. Next morning we said our goodbyes in the brunch.

Twinning raised also a lot of questions for which we together should find answer. We should find a project which would benefit all of us and make us more visible. Twinning is a great way to share experience and support eachother and we can definitely learn from it.

See our pictures here:

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