Leadership in music

Leadership in music

Our October chapter meeting was presented by our member, Maria Redke; she gave a short but very informative introduction on Orchestra. Her presentation was primarily focused on history and sitting arrangements of Orchestra. She also told us about the legend conductors.

Japanese – Danish conductor Martin Nagashima Toft, who was our guest and speaker for the evening. He enlightened us by giving a presentation on leadership in music. The speech will be a presentation of the role and skills of a conductor from the preparations at home, through the rehearsals with the orchestra until the live presentation for the audience.

In the given time he tried to throw light on “What is a conductor?”, “What is the point of Conductors for Orchestras?”, “What do Conductors do”, Styles of Conductors” and “How a Conductor handle the different groups of Orchestra?” “How a Conductor blend the music of different instruments so that it will come out as a beautiful and pleasant music for audience”. Overall I would I like to say, we really learned a lot about leadership in music through this chapter meeting.

– Nityanand Gupta



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