An Interview with our incoming LP

An Interview with our incoming LP


Here is a short interview with our LP 2015
Interview by Claudia Angélica

Dhushyanthini  Gunaratnam is her full name, but we all call her Dee.

Who is Dee? Could you give us a brief overview of your background?
“I was born in Sri Lanka and because of the Civil War in the country my parents and I escaped on a boat and we ended in Denmark, when I was three years old… naah, that’s not completely true, but I often use that story in order to make my own more exciting. Haha. Well let’s start again – I arrived to Denmark with my parents when I was three years old, because of the Civil War in Sri Lanka. I grow up in Nakskov (in the island of Lolland) and after finishing high school,  I took a gap year working in the USA before starting college in Odense, from where I have a Bachelor degree in English and Media Studies. For my Master degree I decided to take American Studies. The last four years I have lived in Copenhagen and worked in the communication and marketing field. As a person I am very optimistic about life and human potential in general. And I enjoy finding unique ways of bringing delight and unexpected pleasure to others.”

Do you have previous experience as a director or President? If yes what was your mayor challenge, if no what do you think will be your mayor challenge?
“When I began my JCI career, I started out as the head of the International Committee, where I was in charge of coordinating the international and national conferences for our members. My biggest challenge at that time was making sure everyone understood their task in order to have a successful result.”

What motivated you to put yourself forward for election to the JCICI board?
“Mainly it was at the European Academy 2014, where I realized that I was going the right direction in terms of my JCI career. I was completely sure that I wanted to run for the position as LP and felt I had the right tools, experience, drive, and courage to be a strong leader for our chapter.”

What qualities and experience will you bring to the JCICI board?
“My Insight Profile test screams I’m “Yellow” and “Green”, which means I can use my energy to inspire people to be involved in different project and committees. And from my “green side”, I will always be ready to offer services and inspirations to our JCI members.”

What will be your first task as a JCICI president?
“My very first task is to find out what our members want for 2015 in order to
achieve their personal growth. My plan is grab coffee with each and everyone, or take a walk with them and listen to their JCI goal and do my very best to make their ambitions become a reality. I will share more on this throughout October”.

Any message that you want to give to members and guests?
“I want to thank all our members for their contributions this year. I’m very proud of what we collectively achieved. I hope we all continue to ask ourselves, what team could I help build for the next year? What idea can I bring to life? And what new skill could I learn? I believe that if we have the courage to transform individually, we will collectively transform our chapter to the best chapter in Denmark”.

What is your vision for JCICI going forward?
“I am committed to making our chapter the best one in Denmark, in order to do that I have so make sure our members get to complete their personal JCI goal for 2015 and delivers a successful European Capital Meeting next year. Let’s put JCI Copenhagen International on the National map”.

Thanks Dee! We look forward to working with you.

Dhushyanthini Gunaratnam

Dee was elected the 10th of September as Local President for 2015.

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