My visit at the Wirtschaftsjunioren (JCI) Hamburg

My visit at the Wirtschaftsjunioren (JCI) Hamburg

On Tuesday, 13th May, I had the pleasure to be invited at the monthly meeting of our team in Hamburg. The event topic was „Hamburg mal anders“, Hamburg from a different angle.

The organizing team arranged a TabTour. This is a tour around the city, built as a quiz hunt. Different questions are asked on a tablet about buildings, history or just challenged which need to be completed. Providing different ways to develop team spirit and allow you to explore cultural highlight of the surroundings.
We were split in different teams and every team had the task to find the different question points and the best strategy to get as many correct answers as possible to be the winner at the end of the event.

Hamburg 2


All teams took off in different directions and had the chance to take a closer look into the details of the city, things you usually pass every day, but hardly notice. It was an enjoyable 2 hours walk, which allowed all teams use their different strengths and get to know each other better.

Hamburg 1

The final gathering was hosted in the conference room of Ernst & Young, Hamburg, with a beautiful view over the city. We had the chance to talk in an unofficial environment and I could explore the local team spirit,got to know many, of the 130, great and motivated people and learnt about ongoing project in Hamburg.

Hamburg 3

Thanks again to all members of the WJ Hamburg for inviting and welcoming me!

Angelika Rosenbaum


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