Chapter Meeting April: Recap

Chapter Meeting April: Recap

This month we had the pleasure of welcoming Jomar Reyes, founder of Strategic Media Company. Jomar gave us an inside on Digital Media and how internet has changed the world to the better. Going back to the Stone Age wall paintings, later the different ways of communicating to a broader audience, for example in the Coliseum and today Google and other internet platforms.

It is an amazing journey on how human kind developed and used their options to communicate, using different media to share information of any kind. Jomar’s presentation highlighted some items to consider using the digital media to reach out to people in a smart and efficient way.

The April meeting we had some interesting guests: First of all we could welcome our national president Eva Hye Langkjær and Rasmus, form JCI Odense. Both have shared their experience in twinning with us highlighting the different approaches to this topic and the benefits and challenges this can bring. Twinning is currently a topic for our chapter, as we have received twinning requests which we are currently reviewing.

One other topic which was discussed in this month meeting was the JCI day, held on April 30th and what JCICI is planning to do. The team is motivated to make that day a success and make JCI more visible.


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