A little insight on my Insights

A little insight on my Insights

I have to admit I had some serious doubts about being profiled, as I have always considered them to be stringent, narrow-minded and inaccurate. Insights changed my mind in a big way.

Our trainer, Sabrina Spangsdorf, explained the meaning of the various colours (blue, green, yellow and red), circles and lines of the Insights wheel in depth.

We were handed 8 cards in 4 different colours, 2 of each colour, which we had to hand out to the other participants there. The idea was to match the descriptions on the cards to the character traits of the people in the room. It was a great, fun and exciting exercise that actually made you think hard before you made your decision about the others.


The cards given to me by the other people present.

I received 9 cards in total, 3 blue, 3 green and 3 yellow. When I read them, they made sense and I could see why people would put those values and character traits on me.

We proceeded to do another exercise in which we had to build a 4-story block using the same 4 colours. The idea was to build a tower with the dominant colour on top and work our way down to the least dominant. Another fun and challenging exercise as it wasn’t that easy to figure out and arrange the middle ones.

After the exercises we received our own Insights profiles. This was an eye-opening read for me. As I read the pages, I was amazed at how detailed a description of me it actually offered.  Let me share a little information about me and let me know if you recognize me:

“Jeppe is sympathetic, empathetic and affable. He is easy-going and low key and may be prone to doubting his own ability. His strong sense of personal values may make him reserved around strangers whose values he feels may conflict with his own. He usually prefers people to present options rather than conclusions. One of his outstanding traits is economy of effort.

He tends to take the things he does well for granted and usually underrates and understates himself. He may find it difficult to work with or for a manager who makes little effort to discover his unique talents. His views are not always readily understood by others as he tends to seek his own answers to challenges. He usually has a theory that will explain everything. He may not necessarily prefer innovative solutions over established ones but is adept at seeing situations from an unusual perspective. Jeppe is independent and creative, owning strong internal feelings, high principles and deep personal integrity.”


129/128 on the Insights wheel, I am a rare specimen. The dotted line represents either introvert or extrovert personality traits. I am caught in the middle it seems.

Reading about yourself in 3rd person is quite fun, but also very informative and helpful. The entire profile focuses your strengths, weaknesses and ability to work with other profile matches. It is a helpful tool to take a deeper look at who you are and how you improve or change certain aspects to achieve what you want.

For som reason all the girls were red/yellow and I was mainly green.

For som reason all the girls were red/yellow and I was mainly green.

Written by Jeppe Løvstrøm Fredriksen


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