ECM 2015 – Copenhagen

ECM 2015 – Copenhagen

Once upon a time…
Getting the European Capitals Meeting to Denmark

As quite a few of you know, the ECM is a small informal conference for JCI members in capital cities across Europe. It’s an amazingly fun and successful meeting, particularly due to its small size: around 100 participants from 15-25 different cities. That means many new friendships, and sharing inspiration with each other – which is important because being a JCI chapter in a large city is very different, and poses different challenges. The conference also focuses on cross-cultural exchange and understanding, and often gets the participants into places that tourists never experience.

But why the “once upon a time” title of this article? It’s because we want to get the ECM to Denmark! And what could be a better way of introducing European members to Denmark than by focusing on the country’s cultural history from the vikings to H.C. Andersen’s fairy tales, and on the global success that modern Danish business life can boast – with worldwide leading companies, and well-known brands in design, music, architecture, and media.

So with the slogan “Once upon a time… From fairy tales to global success” we are campaigning for holding the European Capitals Meeting in Copenhagen in 2015. We have strong support in the chapters in Copenhagen, as well as at the national and international level, and we know that Copenhagen is a unique city – combining royal history with modern architecture, and little mermaids with green livability. We are therefore looking forward to getting elected at the upcoming ECM, which will be held in Belgrade, Serbia from 9-11 May. And in the meantime, in the project group we are working hard on preparing our bid, and in branding Copenhagen as the best host for the next European Capitals Meeting!

Please join us and like our page at

Stephan Bouman,
JCI Copenhagen International

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