Trying to make a difference

Trying to make a difference

The road to hell is paved with bad excuses, I know. But if those excuses help you improve what you love, make you a better person and improve the life just a little bit for others, I’d say it’s worth the excuse.

I went on a 4-day photography mission, mainly for myself, but also to give back to the community and put a lot of smiles on people’s faces.

I love taking pictures. I love to challenge myself when doing so. I want to take my photography even further one step at a time.

I had the pleasure of taking pictures of various events over a 4-day duration. I shot zombies, homosexuals, transgenders and super heroes all during the 4 days.

I started out in a creepy basement in Copenhagen. Ørestad library arranged a zombie-themed literature evening with Danish authors and artists. There was a short discussion about the genre and setting of post-apocalyptic stories infested with the undead. I was there to shoot some grainy and gritty pictures. I had a blast and learned a few things doing so.
Feel like exploring the world of zombies, click here!


Friday I went to Hellerup in order to cover the demonstration against the anti-homo law being passed in Uganda. It was inspirational and cool to see so many people participate in the walk to the embassy of Uganda. Love and understanding was in the air, and I got some nice pictures during the walk. For a closer look, swing by the album here.


The weekend was spent with superheroes, literally. Benjamin, owner of, has arranged 2 events in order to collect money for families with cancer struck children. The collectors were asked to dress up as superheroes. Saturday we started at City Hall square and walked towards Nyhavn. People looked, laughed and the kids enjoyed the close encounter with their heroes. We had Disney princesses, Iron Man and other icons collecting for the good cause.

Sunday was spent at Field’s mall. The people here really enjoyed the heroes and the kids were awestruck. A lot of pictures were taken and the overall atmosphere was magical. I had a blast taking pictures of the event. For a small peak into the magic of superheroes and Disney princesses, please click here.




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  1. Susanne says:

    Making positive change – for yourself and others – that’s what JCI is all about whether it is in your “private life” or in a JCI project. Way to go, Jeppe! You make a difference! 🙂

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