Project Homeless Update

Project Homeless Update

Project Homeless is slowly, but surely making a little headway. Project Homeless is very excited that JCI Copenhagen International has shown an interest in their organisation and that we’re dedicated in helping to make a difference for those less fortunate them ourselves.

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been in contact with a couple of different building entrepreneurs who said that they could be interested in helping out with the more technical aspects of the work that needs to be done in the various projects. The idea then, is to have as many members as possible help out when needed with the practical work that needs to be done – a.k.a. get your hands dirty;-)

Before the end of March there will be a much clearer idea and more information about the various projects at Project Homeless. But in the meantime and to wet your appetites, the following ideas are on the table: fix/renovate kitchen; build thrift shop; paint eating room; build shelving system…

Next week, I’ll be in contact with two different construction supply companies that, I hope will help us out by donating the material we need for the various projects. So keep your fingers crossed…

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