JCI Vice President Visits JCI Copenhagen International

JCI Vice President Visits JCI Copenhagen International

I was delighted to visit JCI Copenhagen International at their event in March of this year. Prior to the event I had discussions with the Local President and several other members on how the organisation is going, and the impressive projects you are currently running.

For the main event, I enjoyed dinner with the members. I was really delighted to see how many members had turned out for this event, it was clear that I was meeting a group of young and enthusiastic active citizens that evening. The first speaker of the evening, Lars Danscher spoke about the 12 Keys to Success. This was an inspiring presentation and set the stage for me to proceed him. No pressure for the VP!!


I then entertained (I hope) the audience with a presentation on what is happening in the international world of JCI this year. I provided some stories on my experiences to date within JCI, some humourous tales – all with the underlying message that these opportunities only exist on the international stage. The audience appeared to be engaged and interested throughout – this is always a good sign in any presentation. I told the members all about the different conferences, the learning and development opportunities that exist and the true friendships that can be gathered within JCI.

All in all I think it went pretty well. The post-event drinks in the hotel bar seemed to produce a lot of conversation and positive feedback. This was great to hear and I hope the members felt inspired to push themselves further within JCI.

Following a great nights sleep at my local host, Jeppe Lovstrom Frederiksen, it was time for breakfast and then a walk to a partner meeting. I met with representatives of the Copenhagen Government International House. This was a great meeting and they are looking forward to engaging more with JCI Copenhagen members in the near future.

Following the meeting, it was time to hail a taxi and head straight to the airport and on I went to JCI Iceland.

Thank you to all in JCI Copenhagen for making me so welcome and for the work that you continue to do within JCI – the impact you are making in your community is phenomenal and I urge you to carry on, the more you do the more impact you make and the more you develop – it’s a simple win win situation!!

Steven Wilson
JCI VP 2014

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