JCI Day – The next happening…

JCI Day – The next happening…

After a very successful and constructive brainstorming evening, we agreed to move forward with an idea for JCICI to really practice what we preach. That is, to do something that will make a difference.

The idea is that for a few hours in the evening, as many members as possible will get their hand dirty by volunteering for an activity or organisation within the Copenhagen. Members will be divided into teams of and assigned to organisations that need our help. Examples of activities include serving food at a soup kitchen or helping refugee children with their homework.

This idea is still in the start-up phase and the actual locations and names of the organisation still need to be confirmed, but the wheels are turning! The plan of action will be shared once it is finalised. In the meantime, REMEMBER to put a BIG RED X in your calendars for 30 April.

If you know of any organisations that may require volunteers for a suitable activity, please share the information with Erik and Chanell.

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