Interview with Angelika Rosenbaum

Interview with Angelika Rosenbaum


What is your background and how did you learn about JCICI?
I am half Dutch – half German, I lived in Hamburg for 10 years, last working for a Danish company. I made my way from a customer service representative to a process and change leader. 3 years ago, I got the opportunity to change jobs and move to Denmark,
which was a great opportunity for me, not only to develop professionally, but also personally.
Within the group of friends I already had in Copenhagen, one of them was an active member of JCICI. Through her, I got invited to a few events of JCICI, the most memorable was the Christmas Party last year, where everybody was open, friendly and heartily welcoming.
This was the trigger for me to explore the idea behind JCI, join the chapter meetings and become a part of JCICI.

Which goals do you have for your membership?
First of all I would like learn from all the different people, expertise and mentalities within JCICI. I think the environment we create in JCICI is unique. I want to contribute to this with my skills, knowledge and personality, wherever possible.
I am looking forward for the team to complete as many fantastic projects as possible this year.

Which personal and professional skills can you use in JCI?
Personally I am a β€œDoer” person and like to share my positive energy to get thing moving. On the professional side I gained experience in project management and training which will find use in the work we do.

Why did you choose JCI Copenhagen International and not other chapters in Copenhagen?
I enjoy being surrounded with many different nationalities. This also reflects in my circle of friends outside JCICI. The understanding between each other is different, as we all come from different, international impacted backgrounds.

What is your passion?
Be Motivating!

What do you enjoy to do in your spare time?
Being with my loved ones, exploring new places and crocheting.

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  1. Susanne says:

    Cool – happy to welcome you Angelika πŸ™‚ You fit right into our international chapter!

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