General Assembly recap

General Assembly recap

In February Chapter Meeting we also had our Annual General Assembly (AGM). Stephan Bouman was unanimously elected as the chairman for AGM.

Finishing Local Presidents Report
AGM started with the presentation of 2013 achievements. Kim Rooijakkers, local president of last year, was not available to present the finishing report for 2013. Dhushanthini Gunaratnam, board member, gave the report in her place.

These were the items she touched on:

  • Board Goals: One major change introduced was the fixed membership payment, which included chapter meeting fees. In general 4 of the total number of goals were achieved in this area.
  • Membership Development: Goals included having more members and the members achieving their personal goal. The target was considered to be reached.
  • Ambitious Events: Adela Michea, being in charge of events in 2013, commented that it went well, and Kim also believed the goals were achieved.
  • Challenging Projects: Some good projects were completed, but Kim thought there was room for improvement.
  • 10 Year Anniversary: The anniversary of the chapter was successfully celebrated!
  • European Capitals Meeting: There were 4-5 people participating in Berlin. The idea of hosting European Capitals Meeting in Copenhagen was generated by the participants.
  • Cohesive Communications: A new communications team was started, which produced newsletter, Facebook updates as well as other marketing activities. The goals for this team were considered to be achieved

Approval of audited accounts
Adela presented the budget for 2013 side-by-side with the actuals for 2013. The chapter income turned out to be considerably higher than budgeted resulting in profit for 2013 instead of loss. The report was unanimously approved by all participants.

Approval of plan of action for 2014
Action plan for 2014 was presented by our local president Adela Michea. She started with the focus area/responsibilities of different teams of JCICI: HR (divided into MRC and MEC), MIC, Events, Projects and Partnerships. She presented names of the members who are responsible for specific teams.
After this, she presented the board’s goals for 2014:

  • Create a policy manual for JCICI to ensure continuity of practices
  • Define job descriptions of roles in JCICI
  • Supervise the committees
  • Hold quarterly audit both on action points and budget
  • Represent the chapter at regional, national and international level

She presented a detailed plan for the following teams:

HR team: Responsibility is to play a critical role in not only increasing the quantity of members but also retain the old members. We had a detailed fruitful discussion on the same.

Marketing and Communications team: Responsible for being the face of the group and creating awareness among people which results in building the image of the group and attracting new guests and members. The main channels for marketing are Newsletter, Website, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Event team: Responsible for organizing the internal and external events related to group in cozy environment. Members discussed to change the place of chapter meeting and the event team agreed on the same.

Projects: The goal for JCICI projects 2014 is to complete at least 5 projects during the course of the year.
Finally Adela presented the budget for the year 2014 and an healthy discussion was held on the same. An important change was done in the budget-12 guests were budgeted for 2014, meaning on an average 1 guest was expected in every chapter meeting. Due to this change the budget loss was converted into budget profit.

In the end, Stephan Bouman and Sven Schobel were honored as they completed five years with JCICI.

Last but not least, Nityanand Gupta was named the Member of the Month.

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