“A dream is a goal with a deadline” – The 12 Keys to Success!

“A dream is a goal with a deadline” – The 12 Keys to Success!

Tonight, we had an exciting meeting which dealt with the 12 keys to success. We were told that it would normally take 15 hours to review these success criteria, yet did Lars Danscher to give us a good overview of some great tools and aspects to be considered in order to achieve your goals. Including tips on how to start to define where you want to go, make a schedule with a deadline and how to be careful not to limit yourself, no matter how difficult it may seem it is to achieve your goal. Lars was incredibly vibrant, inspiring and dynamic in his presentation, and took us all on a little trip where we could feel inspired to new ways of thinking in terms of achieving our objectives, whether it was personal or work- related. During his presentation he also withdrew some exercises that were real good at getting people to empathize more. In short, I think it was incredibly inspiring and very educational presentations both in terms of career and personal goals.


Next came JCI Vice President, Steven Wilson and made a presentation. Steven was here to tell us more about the latest news in JCI while he gave us a better understanding of the opportunities available in JCI. If you like I have never been involved in conferences, etc. outside your own country, it was really nice to hear some basics on what to expect and what to take into account on the different European and world congresses.

Susan Møller Frederiksen

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  1. Sven says:

    And to make it clear: A GOAL is a DREAM with a DEADLINE!

    So: Take your Dream – define a Goal out of it – and set the Deadline, when you want to achieve it!

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