Interview with Jakob Pilegaard Hansen

Interview with Jakob Pilegaard Hansen

Jakob Pilegaard Hansen

What is your background and how did you learn about JCICI?
I’m originally from Aarhus in Jutland and moved to Copenhagen about three years ago. The first two and a half years were focused on getting settled in the new job and building up a new professional network in Copenhagen. After getting in place professionally, I felt that it was time to expand my personal network and to focus a bit more on my personal development, so I started to browse the internet for networking opportunities and found the JCI webpage. The content on the webpage also made me remember some old colleagues who were members in JCI departments in Jutland, and I decided to take contact through the webpage.

Which goals do you have for your membership?
Besides overall personal development one of my main goals is to strengthen my intercultural understanding and interaction.

Which personal and professional skills can you use in JCICI?
Hopefully I’ll be able to bring in some personal enthusiasm and most important an open mind to the activities in JCICI. Professionally I’ll perhaps be able to use my network as a door opener and a structured way of thinking and working around problems.

Why did you choose JCI Copenhagen International and not other chapters in Copenhagen?
I chose JCICI as I wanted to try something completely new and to get out of my all Danish comfort zone to strength my personal development. Also it was a great opportunity to start up an international network and to get new input and perspective on different topics from persons that doesn’t share the same background.

What is your passion?
My passion is to always learn new things and to keep me update on both Danish and International topics and news. Some may call me a news junkie, but I believe the main driver for me is to find interesting new versions and different angels to the same topics.

What do you enjoy to do in your spare time?
Like most people I like to spend some time with family and friends. Also I like to watch football both in television and live on the stadium and my favourite team is AGF from Aarhus. Each Tuesday I’m volunteering as a tutor at a café hosted by “Dansk Flygtningehjælp”, where children from 12-19 years old come to do their homework.

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