The project aims to offer relevant and helpful presentations to expatriates in Copenhagen. This helps to increase the awareness of JCI Copenhagen International and the opportunities this organization offers. Workindenmark is in contact with most expatriates who arrive in Copenhagen including spouses of international employees in Denmark.

JCI-CI has had a meeting with Work in Denmark at the International House. They thought our idea of giving presentations to expatriates on Danish culture and religion; clubs; how to use the online job-market and so on, were very good ideas and definitely something new expatriates would find useful. They suggested, that we do very specific presentations, i.e. presentations on very specific topics as JCI has to compete with presentations done by other similar organisations.

The next steps are the following:

  • Rune will put together a team, that will organize a presentation with a very specific topic relevant for newly arrived expatriates
  • JCI will send invitations to our chapter meetings to Workindenmark
  • JCI’s website will be registered on the Workindenmark website, so expatriates can find our organization
  • Workindenmark will find out if JCI-CI are able to use rooms at the International House for presentations for free

Anyone wishing to join the project are most welcome.

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