Caroline’s recap of Mia’s workshop

Caroline’s recap of Mia’s workshop

A saturday morning in february. The alarm went way too early after a ‘hyggelig’ night out with fellow JCI’ers in the Copenhagen region. However, the after-pub-crawl-blues were quickly washed away with the prospect of the first JCICI workshop of the year: ‘Achieving your goals’.

It quickly turned out that achieving goals is a theme that is safely left in the hands of workshop leader Mia: due to unforeseen circumstances, the location had to be changed. No problem for Mia: she immediately organised a lovely alternative venue right in the heart of the city, at the Environmental Office. One of the JCICI members works there and donated not only her time and intelligence, but also her workspace to JCI. One of the many good things of the community spirit within JCI.

As soon as we were installed with tea, coffee and ‘kage’, Mia went off. Mixing a practical approach with theories derived from NLP, we were quickly seduced to write down our own life goals. How that could be done so quickly, you would like to know? Well, there is one magic question: Imagine you are 80 years old, sitting round a fire with your grandkids. They look at you with big, shiny, fireplace-lit eyes and ask you: “Grandma/pa, please, tell us what has made you happy in your life? How did you make that happiness happen?” There you go: your goals in life, spelled out right in front of you.

Step by step, Mia led us to analyse them: where in the chain towards happiness can you map them out? Do you tell those mini-you’s by the fireplace about the big car you managed to obtain? Then ask yourself: why is that car important to you? For the sake of recognition? For the sake of transporting the big family? Questioning the goal, sharpening it (do I really want this?) and defining the goal further in affirmative and concrete terms made us ready for the next task: making a plan.

Now it gets difficult, I hear you think. From goal to action is where the magic happens, indeed. It leads you through forests of limiting beliefs that need to be investigated. It makes you question your drive: where does your motivation to do this come from? Did you overlook any secondary benefits all the time you tried to change previous behaviour? Do you have the right attitude to make it happen? Are you capable of telling yourself ‘I can do this!’? Are you confident enough? And if not, can you change that by gaining knowledge or skills?

No easy chunk of cake. All of the participants had their own pieces of paper where they could trust their deepest feelings to. Whoever wanted, could share, discuss and ask for help, but no one was forced to put things on the table that were too precious to be shared. What was shared though, was the fun in the final assignment: make a portrait of your future you. Draw the people, the circumstances, the emotions, the senses, the surroundings: everything that shows that you reached your goal.

You can be sure that at this very moment, six workshop participants have colourful self-portraits proudly hanging on their walls. These portraits, having a date and signature on them, are the reminders of our future self. Because whatever is on print, is there to remain forever. Bring it on, goal!

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  1. Liis says:

    Great writing!!! I am sure that the Pictures that we draw Will come true.:)

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