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2802, 2016

JCI Bienvenue à L’ambassade Française

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Thanks to the effort of JCICI going to the World Congress 2016 (shortly: Canada project team), JCIs were invited to visit the Thott Mansion, which houses the French Embassy. The mansion was built from 1638 [...]

1908, 2015

JCI CI Monthly Chapter Meeting, Election and Effective Meeting.

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The costs of ineffective meetings are huge. We waste the most important assets we have as leaders; discretionary time, money and talent. For September’s chapter meeting we have the pleasure of having Stephan Bouman as [...]

204, 2015

Meet our WP and NP

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At our next chapter meeting we are having a workshop called F.A.I.L - F.A.I.L. is an acronym for Funny, Authentic, Intuitive and Lateral thinking. Bastian Overgaard is on a crusade against social fear. Fear destroys [...]

204, 2015

Mr March.

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Member of the month is Mr. Mustafa Aslan, he has been a member of JCI Copenhagen International since November, by that short time in JCI he has already managed to get a lot of experience [...]