JCICI Canada Team escapes ruthless kidnappers!

Okay, maybe not exactly. It was, in fact, just a game. But it was really exciting, and the team showed some mad break-out skills! In JCI Copenhagen International we take pride in our achievements and work hard to make each of our projects a success. This is no different for the Canada Project. We also recognise [...]

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March Chapter Meeting: Future-based Idea Generating and Pitching Workshop

People come to JCI events knowing that each one is on a path of learning. So we take it upon ourselves to allow members a voice and an active role. Because teamwork requires a level of comfort and safety in knowing that your ideas matter, we also provide positive feedback in our group interactions.The [...]

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JCI Bienvenue à L’ambassade Française

Thanks to the effort of JCICI going to the World Congress 2016 (shortly: Canada project team), JCIs were invited to visit the Thott Mansion, which houses the French Embassy. The mansion was built from 1638 to 1686 for the Danish naval officer Niels Juel. In the 18th century the mansion was sold to Otto Thott [...]

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As the legend goes, his name is Don Juan…

His name is Don Juan and he is known as a womanizer, but in Mozart’s musical version of the story, he goes by Don Giovanni.  In late May, our chapter was invited to the Royal Danish Opera by one of our newest member, Maria Redke. Maria has been involved in the musical industry for many [...]

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ECM – happy brunch meeting

On 16th of May we celebrated the winning of ECM (European Capitals Meeting) with having a happy brunch together. We chose to meet in restaurant “Chez Laurent” in Frederiksberg. There were two choices: a classical brunch and a champagne brunch. Of course most of the people chose to try the latter one. Adela approved [...]

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Recap of Energy Crossroads Workshop

In last chapter meeting we had a great chance to meet Energy Crossroads Denmark. It is a young organisation which by focusing on youth leadership, sustainability, education and diversity acts to accelerate global transition to the cleaner, prosperous and safer energy future. They gave us a presentation about the energy consumption of today and predictions [...]

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JCI Social Day Sports Event

On May 29th, Ivan Lazar and Rune Lind had put together plans for a social/active day that was to take place in Frederiksberg Have. The theme of the day was to get active, have fun and enjoy some wholesome Danish food at a nearby restaurant. The team met up in Frederiksberg Have after a few [...]

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ECM 2014 in Belgrade

ECM 2015 is going to be in Copenhagen!!! European Capitals Meeting took place in Belgrade, Serbia, from 8-11. of May. Our mission was to win the opportunity to host the ECM next year in Copenhagen. And as most of you know: WE WON!!! Proud winner selfie! A lot of effort was put in [...]

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A little insight on my Insights

I have to admit I had some serious doubts about being profiled, as I have always considered them to be stringent, narrow-minded and inaccurate. Insights changed my mind in a big way. Our trainer, Sabrina Spangsdorf, explained the meaning of the various colours (blue, green, yellow and red), circles and lines of the Insights wheel [...]

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JCI Spring Conference

The JCI Spring Conference 2014 in Sønderborg was my 18th Danish JCI conference in 9 years and absolutely one of the best ever! Everything was so well organized and perfectly executed! The Senator/Senior program was extremely high quality with a visit to the town hall and meeting with the mayor followed by a visit to [...]

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