About Eva

In 2016 I have am responsible for Marketing, Information and Communications for JCI Copenhagen International. One of my tasks is to develop the JCICI website. Please feel free to contact me with comments and suggestions.

Newsletter june 2015

Dear all Please click here to read this month newsletter: http://us7.campaign-archive1.com/?u=786920892b0b1bc909c3c0d8b&id=86c1ef48de&e=%5BUNIQID%5D  

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JCICI June chapter meeting

Dear all Don't forget to sign up for our next chaptermeeting. This exciting event will be about network and how to use it both in your private and professional life. If you want to read more and sign up, please click on the following link: https://www.facebook.com/events/397431570442759/

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JCICI May chapter meeting

Dear All Remember to sign up for our next chapter meeting next week! Hope to see you all at this exciting event about stage performance :) please click here to read more and sign up: https://jcici.nemtilmeld.dk/37/  

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April chaptermeeting 2015

JCICI's April Chapter Meeting was one of the most exciting of this year! We have two special guests: Denmark National President, Bo Risom, and JCI World President Ismail Haznedar! Also we has Bastian Overgaard telling us about social fear. Fear destroys creativity, communication and compassion in workplaces. After dealing with his own fear Bastian Overgaard [...]

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Newsletter April 2015

Dear members and friends Below you can find a link for the latest newsletter. This time you can read more about what happend on the spring conference 2015, last chaptermeeting and also the upcomming ECM. Please click on the link below: http://us7.campaign-archive1.com/?u=786920892b0b1bc909c3c0d8b&id=f59cdc97eb&e=4b84676dd8  

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Meet our WP and NP

At our next chapter meeting we are having a workshop called F.A.I.L - F.A.I.L. is an acronym for Funny, Authentic, Intuitive and Lateral thinking. Bastian Overgaard is on a crusade against social fear. Fear destroys creativity, communication and compassion in workplaces. After dealing with his own fear Bastian Overgaard has specialized in facilitating SAFE SPACES [...]

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Mr March.

Member of the month is Mr. Mustafa Aslan, he has been a member of JCI Copenhagen International since November, by that short time in JCI he has already managed to get a lot of experience and really figure out what JCI is all about. In November he made it for his first World Congress in [...]

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Events 2015 in JCI

Dear Members this year we have many exciting events in JCI and there is something for everyone. We hope that you will look at the exciting events impressions through and please let us know if you have any questions. Click on the following link to view upcoming events in JCI: https://jci.nemtilmeld.dk

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February’s member of the month.

The member of the month of February was the very kind girl Claudia! We all now that she is doing a great for our chapter being a part of the MIC team where she likes to put her passion within the new letter. She has been living in Denmark for countless years so many years [...]

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Meet Miss January!

Meet miss January or member of the month of January Simona, she has only been a member since November and she has already managed to become member of the month of January, I’m sure we are going to see amazing things from her. When she is not spreading joy in JCI CI she is saving [...]

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